Download of shared app on Android tablet very slow

Charmaine Anderson 8 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 8 years ago 2
Hi guys,

I downloaded the IB3 update 3.4.3 which said it improved the sharing feature.  So I thought I'd test it out and have shared my app with myself and am downloading it to my new Galaxy Tablet (Android).  It is taking an extremely long time to download the app. I am on wireless but have high speed X-finity conniption. This slow download also occurred in the previous IB3 build when sharing/downloading to my Android tablet.  My app is 117 MB (90 pages), but it did downloaded much faster when shared/downloaded on my iPad (IOS).  So I'm wondering if this difference in download times may be Android related, or just a sharing issue.  I'm concerned this long download time on Android is what the end user will experience from the Google Play store when it is launched.  I'm hoping this slow download is a just a sharing issue with Android and the actual Google Play download experience will be faster.  Thanks for your thoughts.
Under review
We are working on resolving the Android download speed for the next version. Thank you for your feedback.