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To separate the action sets in the Action Set Manager, indent the selected action set as if you want that group of action sets to be chained after another (click the action set to select it, and then click the arrow that moves it to the right). This will make the action sets listed separately, and you can then control each one.

InteractPlayer and IB3 are still being updated with displaying the page turn effects, so this previous book may have been made with InteractBuilder 2. Page turn effects should be displaying in one of the next few updates.

Interesting, is your suggestion that the SetLineWidth and SetLineColor behaviors should be one behavior instead of two different ones so that there could be an action set something like Tap-CustomizeLine that includes a width option and a color option?

Thank you, that's a suggestion we're looking into. What effect are you looking to create?

Thank you for pointing out this bug. We'll look into fixing it : )

I believe this page is not linked to from other pages. The link to the sample apps page was made available through Kickstarter and newsletters.

When you put together the Drag-DrawFree action set, the builder shows a "Line Color" field and a "Line Width" field in the behavior settings below the name of the behavior, so you can select any color and line width that will appear when the user drags a finger on that element.

Yes, exactly, it's like taking a screenshot

Click here to see the sample apps that are available to download.

Is it possible that the email is being filtered out and going to the spam folder? The fact that it matches the email address with which you registered shouldn't prevent it from sending the email.