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Hi Stine,

Was the app working earlier, or did this happen the first time you tried to preview this specific app?

It's possible that one of the files or action sets included could be causing a glitch. If you'd like, I could take a look at the app to try to find the problem. If you locate your app folder in Documents / InteractBuilder / [the name of the project group] / [the name of the app], and compress that folder to make a zip file, you can send it to me as an attachment, and I can test the app.

Otherwise, we could talk about the file types and action sets that are included in the app at this point.

Let me know which way you'd prefer : )
Inna Komarovsky
Hi Stine,

We'll definitely take that idea into account. Thanks!

At this point, there isn't a way to use html in InteractBuilder. To include YouTube videos without including a video file with the app, one alternative for now is to link to a YouTube page using a Browse behavior or have the page show within a browser element.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Inna Komarovsky
Hi Bob,

I mostly work on the side of the company that deals with producing apps using InteractBuilder and not as much with the technical side of submitting and publishing apps, but as far as I understand, the issue has had to do with the Apple publishing process. They recently released an update that seems like it should get us on the right track again, so our developers are testing the process to make sure that it can publish apps without issues on different mobile devices.

Hi Luca,

Here are our instructions for filling out the publishing form: Publishing to the App Marketplaces.
In the last step, there's a link to the site about publishing an app through Cocoon JS.

I hope this helps!
Inna Komarovsky
Hi Clint,

We'll definitely keep you updated. I really apologize for the lack of response. I thought that we would have an answer you your question earlier, but it seems that there are still some issues we have to sort out before being able to publish the apps.

Thank you for your support,
Hi Sheila,

We've been working through some problems with publishing because some of the mobile platforms cause glitches with the final apps, so this has prevented us from being able to publish apps for the last few months. We're hoping to have everything resolved soon so that everyone can publish the apps they've created.

Inna Komarovsky

ps. I agree, Gussy Goes to London is a great app! :)
Hi, I wasn't aware of this difference, so I'm going to look into it. Are they transition animations or frame animations? Which browsers do you use on your desktop and on the iPad?
Hi! I don't think it will be fixed soon, but here is a sample app that uses the workaround:
Thank you so much for letting us know. I was able to reproduce this problem, and I've reported it to our lead developer.

If you'd like to use a workaround for the time being, you can use a global counter and behaviors with conditions that depend on the counter, as described in the Creating a Toggle for Narration, Language, etc. article.
Hi there,

The matching effects are not yet completely fixed, so we will put together the tutorial when that is working smoothly. I apologize for the delay. We've had to focus on other bug fixes and improvements at this time.