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Thanks Ezra.  Also, if they can make the frames to select panel stay open a little bit longer that would be swell as it only stays open a second or two and sometimes this results in the selection of the wrong frame element and one has to start over again.

I think the Fix to this bug is to rename copied animation elements on each page to a unique name. The copied animation elements seem to require a unique name on each page or you'll get an error when you go into Interact mode and the app crashes.  Renaming element on each page resolves this issue, at least on a PC.  So maybe just show this as a fix for this bug.

No, I was copying text from another page.  This seems to be a random problem, haven't had an issue with it the last few days.  It could have been something funky going on with my PC.

Yes, it is a frame animation of about 20 frames.  Thanks for looking into this.