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Thanks for checking my audio file Alin, your email to me correctly diagnosed the problem being that I had exported my audio clip with a lot of empty space on the timeline which I didn't realize when I rendered the clip in garageband.  The problem was there as a small bit of audio way down the timeline in garagaeband and I didn't realize it which made the file size huge and made it appear the audio wouldn't loop in IB3.  Sorry for the bother!  Thanks much!
I agree, it would be awesome if one could draw a curved line and have the object on the layer above or below it follow that path.  One can do this in Flash which made for some very nice smooth animations.  Thanks for consider our request, which will improve the user experience.  
It would be nice to have a video demo of how to do this, as well as how to toggle audio from a "Read to Myself" button so no narration plays in the app, as I can't seem to get the Toggle audio feature to work either.  Thanks.
Hi Inna, Thanks for your thoughts.  I noticed the page I copied had Disable Flip Page Forward/Backward was set to NO, so I resolved the issue by setting this to YES and that fixed the problem. Thanks for helping me think it through!  Happy Holidays!

I found a workaround, I made the Play Audio the first On Tap action and chained the on tap animation to that and the audio now does not loop.
Thanks Ezra, I've also have had intermittent problems with performance, but assumed it was because I was pushing the limits.  I've found that I can only get away with 3-4 mid-sized animations on a page before it slows the program down to a crawl.

It may be the weight of my pages, as I'm probably pushing the limits on page weight.  I have optimized all the assets though.  I haven't yet test it on an iPad.  

Thanks Ezra.  Yes, my app is really only about 40 MB, so I'll delete those db files, thanks for confirming it is ok to do os.

Thanks Inna, that is helpful, but I have about 85 pages now and it would be awesome if this could be done at the global level rather than just one page at a time.  I'll add this to a new feature request.