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I hightailed my app to you Alin, thanks for looking into this problem.  I won't be able to launch my app until this issue is resolved. Thanks much.
Update:  I can see the icon on the Mac toolbar at the bottom of the screen AFTER I launch IB3,  but not on my desktop when I turn my Mac on.  I used to be able to see it on my desktop which was very convenient.  
Hi Alin, I'm using a Mac Book Pro, OS X, v 10.7.5.  
IB3 used to create a desktop icon but it doesn't with the new version as I don't see it on my desktop anymore.  I reinstalled the latest version twice.  I did see a strange looking icon that looked like a hard drive icon with the butterfly logo on it briefly but that has disappeared after the reinstall.
Hi Ann,

I've had that same problem, and I noticed to circumvent this, before you bring the files into IB3, make sure they are listed in alphabetical order when you drag them in, otherwise they might come in out of numerical order sequence.  Hope this helps. On Mac. Click "Name" in your folder where the files are you wish to import and the files should sort into alpha order.
Thanks so much Ezra, I know you guys are working hard on making the software the best it can be and appreciate all your hard work.  I'll check back this evening.  Kind regards, Char
I uninstalled and reinstalled IB3 v. 342 and the same problem exists.  Note that I only deleted the previous IB3 software program from my hard drive.  Are there other files lurking on my computer that I need to delete also?  (I did not delete my IB3 folder in the documents location as those are my assets folders…)  Thanks for your help.
Hi Ezra, I just hightailed the files to you so you should receive a link to download the zip file from hightail. Thanks much.
Ezra, I just emailed you a link to my shared folder on dropbox but I got an error message in dropbox saying there was a problem sending the files… so you may not have received all the files.  I'm going to hightail the files to you instead in a few minutes to ensure all the assets come across.
Hi  Ezra,
I built my app beginning with your 3.0 version.  I'll send you a version via dropbox in a few minutes.
Hi Ezra, I only have three versions of my app in IB3, the most recent version, a backup version which is about a week old and an old version that Alin had sent back to me about 2 months ago.  My most recent versions are not displaying and were working ok before the install of 342.  Note that when I select all the assets on the stage when I open my app they are someone else's assets, not mine as I don't recognize the file names, they have names related to flying and africa landing.  Can you please email a link to download the latest version and I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling IB3 completely?  Email it to  Thanks.